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New cloud-based credit repair software CRM!

      Starting a credit repair business?¬† Credit Repair Cloud has launched. It’s the world’s first cloud-based Credit Repair Software CRM. Instant access from any computer tablet or smartphone. Try it free for 30 days at

Improve your credit score in 7 simple steps

By Tammy Feldman Credit repair is not a complicated matter. It is simply about following the rules laid out and addressing them in the proper manner. When the steps are followed it is very easy to improve most credit scores. 80% of all credit reports contain errors. It’s very easy to remove errors. They come […]

What Are The Common FDCPA Violations By Collection Agencies Like Allied Interstate?

Collection agencies are known for being rude, abusive and sometimes threatening. No one enjoys dealing with them. But at times it becomes unavoidable when your creditor turns the account, on which you have defaulted, to a collection agency. However, collection agencies like Allied Interstate, Cach LLC, are not given a free rein; the Government has […]

Combatting Spam In WordPress – The Easy Way

Congratulations, your WordPress installation has completed. For your convienence we have included the following tips and suggestions you may refer to in order to decrease the amount of spam you receive. Enable Akismet Akismet is a WordPress plugin that comes default with every installation. Akismet is a real-time adaptive spam filter which scans all incoming […]